4 Tips To Make Tax Day A Lot Easier

by | May 31, 2016 | Accounting

Nothing strikes fear in the hearts of business owners anywhere than taxes and the IRS. If you don’t want to get in serious trouble, here are a few tips on making tax day easier:

Do it ahead of time
Of course you have heard that advice before. But it’s true. When you do it ahead of time, you end up getting your taxes done sans the stress and anxiety that comes from doing it on the deadline itself. With plenty of time to kill before the deadline, you don’t have to lose sleep over paying overdue fees or charges if you get yours in beyond the deadline.

Do it right
If you haven’t got a clue how to do this, hire a finance professional to take care of your needs for you. Look around until you hire an accountant, one you can trust. With a reliable pro by your side, you won’t have any trouble getting the tax help you need. From understanding the legalities to helping you draw up your report and balance out your books, an accountant can help you get your taxes done and done right.

Know your options
If you weren’t able to file your tax returns within the due date, determine the other options you have. Figure out how to get an extension. With enough help, you still have a chance of filing your tax returns right on time. If this doesn’t happen though, you might have to face up to the possibility that you’ll need to pay for a penalty.

Beware of scams
There are a lot of phishing emails as well as thieves who pretend to be officers from the IRS itself. Beware of these scammers. Anything that asks you to confirm your credit details usually isn’t legitimate. Protect your assets by being on the lookout for these scams. For more information visit http://fullspectrumtaxsolutions.com/. You can follow A Kaplan CPA, P.C. on Twitter for more updates!

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