Finding the Right Storage Facilities in Connecticut

by | Jun 23, 2014 | Moving Companies

Finding a location to store your belongings requires learning about the company and the way they treat their customers. It also involves choosing the right size storage unit to fit your budget and to hold all your items. With a little research and effort, locating Storage Facilities in Connecticut is simply a fact-finding endeavor.

Make sure you choose a storage facility that is compatible with your traveling abilities. If you have to drive a long way and don’t have the money for gasoline expenses, it’s better to choose a storage unit closer to where you live. However, if you find a location that is secure and you won’t need access to your items very much, putting your things in a more distant place should not be a problem. Also, make sure you don’t have to drive through heavy traffic to reach your storage destination.

Any storage unit you rent should be easily accessible. Some Storage Facilities in Connecticut only offer access to units during regular business hours. This can be a hassle if you have to hurry to the facility to get to your items. Choose a storage company that offers 24-hour access. This will allow you to get to your items whenever you want.

Before you sign a contract with a storage company, walk around the facility grounds. Is there a security gate and adequate lighting? Are there computerized gate accesses? Is there on-site management to assist with emergencies? These questions will help you decide if your items will be guarded around the clock. Also, using facilities after regular business hours requires a security system to ensure your personal safety while you are in your storage unit.

Determine which size storage unit you will need. Make a list of your items so you can better determine the space you will need. If you can, visualize your items in a stack. Getting the size unit is important in case you want to add to the contents at a later time. Also, determine if you need a unit with climate control. Varying temperatures and outdoor elements can damage precious items and heirlooms. Click here to find additional information.

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