A Company for Property Management in Windsor CO Can Help Retain Tenants

by | Jun 24, 2014 | Real Estate

Retaining good tenants is your main priority as a landlord as they are your most treasured asset. Good tenants will assist in the upkeep of the property, pay rent timely, and essentially create a stress free environment for the landlord. The trouble many landlords come across however, is trying to figure out how to effectively retain good tenants. That’s where a company for property management in Windsor CO can assist you.

Quick Response to Tenant Complaints

As a landlord, it is your responsibility to make the tenants feel safe and at home. When complaints of noise, violence, or criminal activity are brought to your attention, it is imperative that you respond quickly. This lets tenants know that you care about more than just their monthly payments. Happy and safe tenants are more likely to comply with rules and maintain a positive relationship with the owner.

Scheduling Maintenance and Repairs Efficiently

Minimizing a tenant’s needs to complain about the rental unit is the most effective way to retain quality tenants. When they submit repair requests to property managers, they will utilize their network of highly recommended contractors to get the problem resolved. No matter how major or minor the problem might be, tenants feel much better when their landlord is willing to tend to their needs.

Providing Advanced Notices of Inconveniences or Changes

There are times when the elevator goes out, central air systems need repairing, or rent is increased to compensate for expenses. When these instances occur, it is important to provide your tenants with enough notice. No tenant wants to find out two days prior that rent has been increased to $50 more a month, or that the elevators will be down for servicing. Giving them notice allows them to budget effectively, or plan another route of exit. (i.e. Allows them to cope with the changes)

Tenants should not feel like they have to get in a shouting match with the landlord, they shouldn’t have to wait five business days before hearing about their concern, and they should not have to feel like you are not there to meet their needs, but to collect a check. Making them feel comfortable with you is the best and most effective way to retain tenants. Choosing a reliable company for property management in Windsor CO is the best place to start in recreating a positive environment for your tenants.

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