Electronic Water Conditioners – Effective and Eco-Friendly

Like many people today, you have probably come across various ways in which you can become more environmentally conscious. Little changes make big differences, and as you begin to focus on the many small changes you can make to treat the environment better, you will begin to discover many issues with using some of the more traditional processes around your home.

The Negative Impacts of Traditional Water Softeners

If you live in an area where you have to deal with hard water, you should know about the benefits of choosing our electronic water conditioners over traditional water softening methods. Traditional water softeners have many disadvantages in addition to the negative impact they leave on the environment. Fortunately, our electronic water conditioners are available for you today and will solve this issue and more.

How ScaleBlaster Can Help

ScaleBlaster is an eco-friendly hard water treatment system that we have made available through over 600 major retailers, dealers, and wholesalers nationwide. It is a compact, computerized alternative to traditional water softening methods and provides many benefits beyond just being eco-friendly.

How Does it Work?

ScaleBlaster works as an electronic water conditioner and descaler. It is a compact system, simply installed onto the incoming water line of your home or building. Once installed, it works to produce an electronic field which oscillates and uses a modulating frequency wave form. This wave form changes the physical properties of calcium molecules, causing them to lose their ability to adhere to surfaces such as pipes and appliances.

Electronic Water Conditioners Are Beneficial for the Environment

Through ScaleBlaster’s innovative technology we are able to provide you with many benefits over traditional water softening methods. Perhaps the greatest benefit of all is how good this system is for the environment.

1. Traditional hard water treatment systems discharge an average of 2-4 gallons of salt water for every gallon treated. Due to this waste and contamination, many cities have banned traditional water conditioners. ScaleBlaster uses no salt or chemicals, so you can rest assured that you are not contributing to this problem.

2. It is estimated that for every grain of hardness removed from your water, an average of 8mg of sodium is released into the water when you use traditional water conditioners. This is bad for your health as well as the earth and plants around your home. With electronic water conditioners, such as ScaleBlaster, you have the assurance that you are not adding salt into your water supply.

3. Traditional water softening systems need to be replaced every 10 years on average. The replacement is not only a costly inconvenience for you, but the disposal and rebuilding of these systems leads to more environmental waste and pollution. ScaleBlaster has a lifespan of 20-25 years, and when it comes time to replace it, the compact, computerized system is easy to dispose of and reinstall.

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