The Advantages With A Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drive

by | Mar 11, 2015 | Business

There are a range of different motor types available to drive everything from a small device to the motors used to pump water to a city, run the HVAC systems for major commercial buildings or used in oil and gas production and other industries. Regardless of the size of the motor most of these operations now use a medium voltage variable frequency drive.

A medium voltage variable frequency drive or VFD has changed a lot over the last forty plus years. Today’s versions are smaller and more compact with also providing energy saving and efficiency factors, two of the major reasons this technology is now a mainstay of industrial applications in many industries.

Smaller Size

While the term smaller is relevant to the type of application the medium voltage, variable frequency drive is being used; the options of today are considerably less bulky than those of even a few years ago. This size difference means more than just design and planning issues, it also allows for both air and water cooled systems to be fully integrated or installed to operate as stand-alone motors.

Increased Energy Efficiency

With the option to set a number of variables within the medium voltage variable frequency drive each system can be uniquely configured to the needs of a specific application. With the ability to automatically adjust for soft starts, demands on the system and even to shut down through the use of a bypass energy saving is boosted while maximum efficiency for the motors in the line is maintained.


The term variable is essential to consider with a medium voltage variable frequency drive system. Depending on the use of the drive it can be set to control everything from pressure, speed, temperature, tension, torque and flow automatically adjusting to not only save on energy but also to reduce wear and tear and pressure on the system during normal use.

With less stress on the drive because of gradual ramping up and slowing down of the system over abrupt changes, the life of the entire system is extended. There are fewer repairs to mechanical and electrical parts of the system and, with a bypass shutting down and accommodating for motor failures, even these issues are detected early and assist in limiting damage to equipment.

The benefits of a medium voltage variable frequency drive are not difficult to see. This technology has boosted the reliability and energy efficiency of industries and applications over the world and will continue this trend in the future.

Designing and building custom medium voltage variable frequency drive systems in the USA since 1983; Five Star Electric builds everything to ISO 9001 procedures and processes.

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