Get Snacking Healthy With Organic Gluten Free Popcorn

by | Apr 20, 2015 | Food & Related Products

Despite what some of the rumors are online, there is still Non-GMO corn available in the United States and around the world. However, the vast majority of corn sold in retail stores and in snack foods such as popcorn is genetically modified.

The good news for popcorns lovers is Non-GMO organic popcorn is available online and is very reasonably priced. This popcorn is produced from corn which is not GMO and which is grown according to USDA certified organic standards.

The USDA Certified Organic Logo

Any organic popcorn which is USDA certified will have the USDA organic icon on the label. This means the corn was grown in soil not chemically treated for three years before the current year. It also means the corn plants were not artificially fertilized when they were growing and were not treated with any type of pesticide, herbicide or artificial growth agent.

This provides consumers with the confidence to know the gluten free popcorn they are enjoying doesn’t have any residual chemicals or additives. Since there is so much of this in the food we eat today eliminating these potential toxins from the diet is really important for your health.


The term Non-GMO organic popcorn means in addition to being grown without synthetic fertilizers or other chemicals it is also from corn which has not been genetically modified. For an increasing number of consumers today the Non-GMO designation is just as important as the organic popcorn distinction.

Popping Organic Popcorn

Regardless of how you enjoy your popcorn you can pop organic popcorn using the same methods. This is typically sold in bulk bags so it can be popped in an electric popcorn popper or is a specialized microwave friendly popping container. You can even try bringing this with you on your next camping trip and popping it in a camp popcorn maker over the open fire.

These microwave containers are designed to hold up to 12 cups of your favorite organic gluten free popcorn, making them perfect for the entire family. You can top with your favorite traditional toppings or try sprinkling on your favorite dried herbs for a delicious, salt-free flavoring option.

When buying organic popcorn online make sure you look for a top company specializing in certified organic foods. This will allow you to do all your shopping in one place and adding to your bulk purchase savings.

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