What to Look for in a Dent Repair Provider

Whether you’ve been involved in a serious accident in Denver, or just a fender-bender, you’ll likely need to have some damage repaired. It’s vital that you choose the right dent repair provider, though, as not all body shops in the Mile High City are created equal. What should you look for in a dent repair provider?

Free Estimates

One of the most important considerations is whether or not the body shop you are considering will offer a free estimate, even if you ultimately decide to have the repair work done somewhere else. Too many automotive repair shops charge for an estimate if you have the work done elsewhere. Make sure that you can obtain a free, accurate estimate on your dent repair costs without any strings attached.


While parts manufacturers will usually guarantee their components for a specific amount of time, that’s not necessarily the case with dent repair providers. What sort of warranty is offered on the repair? What conditions are covered? Will the body shop provide warranty coverage in the case that paint begins to peel off the repaired section? Will they provide coverage in the event that a replaced bumper is damaged? Make sure that the company you choose can provide you with a lifetime written warranty.

One Stop

It might sound strange, but many of the dent repair shops you consider may not be able to handle all the work within their location. For instance, the company might be able to remove a damaged bumper and replace it with a new one, but cannot provide painting services. When your car must be worked on by multiple companies, it increases the length of time until the service is done. It also increases risk and reduces your peace of mind. Make sure that the company you choose is capable of handling all repair work on site.

Recommended by Insurance Companies

As a final note, you should make sure that the dent repair shop you choose has a good recommendation with insurance companies, and is actually recommended by your provider. Double check the company’s rating with the Better Business Bureau, as well, as this will give you a good idea of not only the company’s overall reputation, but how dedicated they are to providing top-notch customers service to their Denver area customers.

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