Benefits of Calling a Company for AC Repair in San Marcos

by | Feb 4, 2015 | Air conditioning

When you air conditioning unit is not working very well during the summer it can create an uncomfortable situation for most people residing in the home. This can make it very important to contact a company who handles AC Repair in San Marcos as quickly as possible.

Often one of the main reasons a homeowner will have repair problems is their unit may be dirty. Excessive dirt can cause the unit to be unable to blow cool air into the home. This can be checked by looking at the air filter on the blower unit. If the filter is filled with hair, dirt and other matter, it can block air from being able to move through the unit and back into the house. Replacing the air filter will often help tremendously.

If a dirty air filter is the problem, the rest of the system is probably dirty as well. Because of this, the technician from an AC Repair in San Marcos will generally spend time examining other components on the system. The blower unit will generally be inspected, any dirt found will be vacuumed, and vents cleaned with a brush. This will help the air flow better and can prevent the homeowner from facing high utility costs as well.

In addition to the unit inside, most systems also have a unit outside of the home. This unit most likely has a lot of leaves, branches, garbage and other debris in and around the housing unit. This will all need to be cleared before the housing unit can be removed. Once inside, there are two areas, which can become dirty and cause issues, the coils and fins. The coils look similar to radiator coils and will need to be cleaned using a coil cleaner and a high-pressure hose. The fins look similar to small vents. A stiff brush can remove the dirt from these units and this will restore the flow of air through the unit.

Calling a repair person when your air conditioning unit is not working well is generally the fastest way to get it fixed and cooling your home again. For more information, please Contact Stillman Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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