Top Tips for Caring for Your Upholstery in Stamford

For most homeowners, upholstered furniture often represents a huge investment. Just like you exercise care while handling such other important items as kitchen cabinets, wood floorings and carpets to mention a few, it is essential that you do the same with your upholstery and where necessary, consult a specialist in Upholstery in Stamford. Your sofas require specific maintenance and care in order to prolong their usable life. Below are some invaluable tips that you can rely on.

1. Ensure to position your upholstered furniture is facing away from windows that are facing south. This is because the direct sunlight may cause damage to your furniture, including color fading and weakened fibers.

2. Ensure that your upholstered furniture is frequently and thoroughly vacuumed. This is regardless of the fact that the furniture could be in a formal sitting area that sees little use. Accumulation of dust particles on your furniture can easily damage the fibers constituting your upholstery fabric over a period.

3. Rotate your sofas’ cushions around whenever possible. This will allow an even distribution of wear. It is not uncommon to find sofas with cushions that are sunk on one side only.

4. Do not use dark colored blankets or throw cushions over light-colored fabrics. This is because the dyes from such fabrics can easily transfer to the light colored fabric even when they are dry, causing permanent discoloration.

5. Do not allow newspapers to come into contact with your upholstery; the newsprint may transfer to the upholstery fabric, and once it accumulates, it becomes extremely difficult to remove.

6. Avoid using aggressive methods when cleaning your Upholstery in Stamford. You will find that upholstery fabrics are often very delicate, and such cleaning methods are often unsafe. You can avoid having to clean the fabric aggressively by keeping such substances that are likely to cause stubborn stains away fro your upholstery fabric. These include ink, paint, nail polish and such beverages that have artificial colors like orange soda and kool-aid among others.

It is essential that you don’t wait until your upholstery fabric gets visibly soiled to seek professional service. This is because it becomes too late to use routine cleaning, necessitating the use of restorative methods that are often costly. Contact Dominics Decorating to get quality care for your Upholstery in Stamford.


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