Performing Maintenance and AC Service in La Plata MD

by | Dec 7, 2015 | Air conditioning

When it is time to pack up an air conditioning system for the winter season, there are several steps one must take to ensure it will be in workable condition for the following summer. Here are some steps to take when preparing an air conditioning system for hibernation.

If someone is unsure of the steps to take in cleaning and packing up an air conditioning service for the winter, they can always make a phone call to an AC Service in La Plata MD. They would send a service worker to the home to perform the following tasks.

The condenser will need to be completely cleaned out to remove any debris before storage. This will help keep it from embedding to the fan blades or internal mechanisms of the condenser. These are removed by using a shop vacuum attachment with a soft-bristled brush. The fan should be turned by hand while cleaned to make sure all debris is removed from around the motor. When the condenser is clean, it can be covered with a heavy-duty piece of waterproof fabric to help keep out moisture and debris. This also helps keep pests away from the area.

The evaporator is another portion of the system that needs to be cleaned. If the coils are in view, a homeowner can undertake the cleaning on their own. If they are in an enclosure, an AC Service in La Plata MD would need to be called to perform the task. The coils can be vacuumed if they are in view. The condensation tube should be removed from the evaporator and cleaned out completely to help keep algae from forming inside. This can be done by submerging it into a warm basin of water. It should be dried thoroughly before replacing. The air filter can also be changed out at this time. This is a simple procedure that will save the homeowner from needing to tend to it when the air conditioning is needed.

If someone has further questions about maintenance or repair of a central air conditioning system, they can look at more info on a reputable air conditioning service website. A phone call could also be made to make an appointment for service.

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