Bats in the Attic? Professional Animal Removal in Minneapolis can Help

by | Feb 16, 2015 | Pest Control

It’s eerie and beautiful to sit outside on a summer night and watch bats fly. It is less enjoyable when a person watches one fly into their house. It gets scary when they see another one disappear under the house eaves and into the attic. Bats do perform many useful purposes, including eating millions of insects in their lifetime. However, they also spread dangerous diseases. Any household infestation should be handled by a professional animal removal in Minneapolis company. There are also many laws that govern the removal of bats.

A professional exterminator will determine if the bats in an attic constitute a nursing colony. That’s a bat community that has babies. If the exterminator blocks entry to the home after the adult bats go out for the night, the baby bats or pups will die. This is a very frightening and painful death for the pup. It is also very hard to find pup bodies. So the homeowner could be in for some nasty surprises in the future. Bats usually have their babies between May 1st and August 31st. These dates vary by region and local exterminators will know the most likely time to find a nursing colony. Winter is not a good time to remove bats either. Bats hibernate and there will be no insects for them to eat.

Spring and fall are the best time to remove bats. Once the bats have gone off flying, the exterminator will carefully block any access points. He will then clean up the bat waste. Because inhaling the fumes from this waste could be fatal, the exterminator will wear protective gear. He will also sanitize the area to ensure that all of the bacteria and viruses have been killed. If homeowners are concerned about having a bat colony in their home during the summer or winter, the animal removal in Minneapolis company will carefully seal off the area from the remainder of the home. There will be no danger to any of its residents.

Laughlin’s Pest Control is one of the exterminating companies that remove bat colonies.



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