Builders in Maidstone – Three Reasons to Build An Extension

by | Feb 13, 2015 | Business

Have you been thinking about moving into a new property because your existing one is too small? If so, stop right there, because builders in Maidstone could help you make the most of your investment by constructing an extension! Let’s face it – we never have enough space, whether it is for storage, entertaining or accommodating guests. An extension offers convenience and it can be tailored to your needs. If you’re on the fence about getting one built, check out the following benefits.

Maximise Living Space

Whether you live in a one, two or three bedroom property, builders in Maidstone could help you maximise living space further by introducing an extension. An extension doesn’t require applying for another mortgage, therefore it’s worth thinking about if you’ve been trying to find a reason not to move house. An extension or conservatory can be constructed in various styles, such as T-shape, P-shape and lantern. The space could be transformed into a pantry, living area, relaxation spot, or even a bedroom! Should you own a lot of things, it could serve as a storage area if you style it with multi-purpose furnishings.

Increase Property Value

There are many ways to increase the value of your home, from updating the interior styling to getting double glazed windows fitted. Perhaps the best way to make property value soar is to build an extension. A new conservatory could offer a return of more than 100 percent, so what are you waiting for? Builders in Maidstone will get planning permission if necessary and will work around existing space. Side extensions are a low-cost investment if you have minimal floor space to work with.

Accommodate Guests

Do you forfeit your bed each time guests come to stay? If so, get an extension built and turn it into a new bedroom. Not only could you accommodate friends and family when they come to stay but also, you could ask a lodger if he or she would like to use the extension as their private space for a monthly fee. This is a brilliant way of making back the money you invest quickly. The space can be tailored to your needs and if you wish, you can get a two-storey extension fitted! Visit website for more information.

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