MineralPure: Your Best Choice for a Chlorine Free Swimming Pool

by | Feb 16, 2015 | Business

Chlorine has remained the most effective and widely used sanitization method for swimming pools and spas for many decades. It is a caustic chemical that the pool operator must purchase, transport, and handle in the process of treating water. The handling of chlorine causes problems for the pool owner, and the presence of chlorine in the pool water causes issues for the people swimming in it. Many people today are seeking out chlorine alternatives and looking to make a smart switch to a chlorine free swimming pool.

Fortunately, there are many water treatment alternatives available today which do not only spare people from feeling the negative effects of chlorine, but also actually improve the quality of the water in the swimming pool or spa. At Clearwater Pool Systems we offer you the best options available. Taking the appropriate measures to keep your pool free of chlorine has many benefits for yourself, the people using your pool or spa, and for the environment.

The MineralPure System

The MineralPure system is new technology offered by us here at Clearwater Pool Systems. It is a healthy alternative to chlorine. If you are looking for a system which will safely and effectively allow you to keep a chlorine free swimming pool, you have found an excellent option.

How it Works

The MineralPure system has been scientifically designed to pass water through a flow cell chamber which houses electrodes composed of either copper or a copper and silver alloy mix. The system, which consists of a control box and microprocessor, is installed on your existing pool equipment at the return line.

The control box generates a precise DC current at a low voltage to the electrodes in the chamber creating positive ions which are released into the water as the water runs through the chamber. The copper ions released into the water help to kill algae while silver ions help to kill any bacteria and viruses. This scientifically designed and proven water treatment system is your best option for a chlorine free swimming pool.

Benefits of Using the MineralPure System for Your Chlorine Free Swimming Pool

There are many benefits to making the switch from chlorine to MineralPure. One of the greatest benefits is that this system is incredibly low-maintenance. The ions produced by the system remain in the water to provide residual protection. This is a long-term and non-toxic water purification method which prevents recontamination with minimal effort on the part of the swimming pool or spa operator. When you purchase your products with us at Clearwater Pool Systems we include a test kit with the MineralPure system to help you maintain the proper ion levels in your water.

When you make a switch to a chlorine free swimming pool using our MineralPure system, you will feel the difference immediately. You will no longer suffer from dry skin and hair, and the itchy eyes that result from swimming in chlorinated water. You will also be safe from the more serious issues caused by this toxic chemical such as asthma and certain cancers.

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