Apple Pie Moonshine for Some American History

by | Jun 1, 2017 | Food & Drinks

One part of American history most everyone is familiar with is moonshining. There is no denying that you have heard old stories about grandpa and grandma cooking up some fine tasting moonshine. This part of American history is as popular as hot apple pie – maybe that is why Apple Pie Moonshine is so popular!

Beginning of American Moonshine

Surrounding the time of the end of the Revolutionary War marks the beginning of illegally distilling alcohol as a way of avoiding payment of spirit taxes. In fact, paying the British taxes is one of the many reasons why the Revolutionary War was fought. During this time the woods is where stills were hidden. Moonshine was made by distillers at night with the moon giving them their light. Many of the early moonshiners immigrated from countries such as Scotland and Ireland, where they themselves had moonshining history.

The beginning of moonshine brought about some harsh, hot spirits to drink. However, over the years and through much practice, it is now much easier to drink. Distillers know, add something that takes away bad taste to make it better. One of these ways is by adding spices, sweeteners, and fruit to give moonshine a desirable taste. Americans love the taste of food and drinks when these ingredients are added.

One of the oldest and most popular moonshine recipes is for Apple Pie Moonshine. No longer is a steel palette needed to consume the finest moonshine. Bootleggers understood that by adding apple pie, cherries, and other popular fruits and spices, made moonshine more marketable. The harsh alcoholic flavor is taken away when adding spices and fruits to a moonshine concoction.

Throw some apples, sugar, and cinnamon to any spirits that distillers created, and you get some Apple Pie Moonshine that delights even the pickiest of palettes. Each jar is made somewhat different due to the many variations of spirits, spice, and apples.

People from all walks of life can enjoy in a mug of the best-flavored moonshine commercially made across the United States. Apples are thought to represent fall, but this beverage can be appreciated any time of the year.

A good mug of Apple Pie Moonshine can tempt your palette any time of year.

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