All about Industrial Gas Burners and Immersion Burners

Industrial facilities rely on high quality industrial gas burners to make their operations flow seamlessly. Time is money, so manufacturers need burners they can rely on that will get the job done effectively every time. Gas burners are incredibly efficient. The way these burners work is by utilizing a torch flame through the use of low pressure propane or natural gas. Although the concept of immersion gas burners has been around for decades, it has been refined to perfection so that the heat is well-concentrated and heat loss is minimized.

Other than reliability, the reason manufacturers across the globe rely on immersion burners is because they are extremely versatile and offer a high level of flexibility. When the operator fires into the flue coil that is submerged, the heat is trapped. This minimizes the loss. These burners are designed with precision and made of high quality cast iron metal, and are made to handle jobs that other burners simply can’t handle.

The Buzzer immersion burner is perhaps one of the most popular in the industry, and it features a Venturi air mixer that is built with efficiency in mind. These burners are made in the USA of premium grey cast iron that is suitable for a range of purposes. The Venturi mixer that makes up the immersion burner works by mixing combustion air at an atmospheric pressure point, to give a super-fast hot flame without having to use a blower. This burner has maximum amounts of primary air, so that less secondary enters the combustion chamber. This is incredibly durable and efficient, and it providers superb turn-down, a strong blue flame, and the best part of all is it operates without flashback.

There are many burners on the market for industrial use, but immersion burners are the way to go if you want to save a ton of time and money. The burner can even be secured to the precise size of coil, by using the cast iron adapter that is part of the design. When air surrounds the nozzle it acts to keep the nozzle cool. This in turn increases productivity. Industrial manufacturers will never have to worry about downtime, and these are some of the best burners on the market. Before purchasing any type of immersion burner, it is best to consult with an expert from the company you will be buying the burner from. They will be able to offer a wealth of information about the product.

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