ID Card Printers are Key to an In-house ID Program

by | Aug 19, 2014 | Business & Society

If you are considering implementing a membership ID card or employee badge program, the good news is that you can create your own ID badges easily and cost effectively and you don’t have to be a technology genius to do it. The foundation of any ID card printing program is an ID card printer. The printing technology behind ID card printers is somewhat different from a regular desktop printer but ID card printers can be just as easy to use.

What is an ID Card Printer?
A card printer uses blank ID cards, an ink ribbon and printing technology to generate personalized ID cards. ID card printers come in a variety of styles and formats and have a variety of functional features.

A Single-sided or Dual-sided Printer?
One feature of a card printer is whether it is a single-sided printer that prints on one side or a dual-sided printer that prints on both sides of the cards in one process. You would choose a single-sided card printer if you are creating ID cards with limited cardholder information. If you want the front of the cards to remain uncluttered, printing some of cardholder info on the back of the cards using a dual-sided printer is better. If you are unsure of your future ID card needs, shopping for a printer with upgrade options is best.

Storing Data on the ID Card?

There are three primary ways to access or store data on a card: a barcode, magnetic stripe, or smart card. These options influence the kind of card printer you select and how much functionality it will need to have.

Lamination is a clear protective layer applied over the top of your printed cards by a printer with lamination capability. Lamination provides three benefits:
* Lamination extends the card’s life by protecting it from wear and tear. Lamination protects your cards from fading when exposed to the sun.
* Holographic lamination can make your cards difficult to copy.
Select a laminating card printer if your cards will be swiped in a magnetic stripe reader or will be used in harsh environments such as regular exposure to the sun.

As you shop for an ID card printer, it’s important to be clear about what information, and how much information will be included on your cards. Knowing this will help determine the features to look for in an ID printer. Let All ID Systems help you sort out the issues you face and make the best choice among ID card printers. Go to

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