A Neuropsychological Consult Assesses Dementia

While some people think dementia is a solitary disease like Alzheimer’s, this isn’t the case. In fact, dementia is actually made up of a series of symptoms that are typically caused by a number of other ailments. This means it’s important to get a neuropsychological consultant who will be able to help you determine the kind of dementia and how to best treat it.

Reversible or Irreversible

Some forms of dementia are reversible, while many are not. This is why it’s important to work with a neuropsychological consultant as quickly as possible if your loved one is starting to show signs of dementia. Issues like depression. In these situations, the symptoms will resolve once the underlying condition is treated. However, if the dementia is caused by conditions that are not reversible, it’s important to catch them early to better manage the symptoms and help slow down the progression of the disease.

Evaluate Mental Strengths and Limitations

When you work with a neuropsychological consultant, they will evaluate the mental strengths and weaknesses of the patient. This will provide a basic outline of what services will best help the patient live more productive lives. This evaluation will begin with basic cognitive function and will move on to measure the function of the frontal lobe, as well as other areas to determine where impairments have occurred. This can help doctors identify which type of dementia patients are suffering from and how best to treat the symptoms. Currently, there are no cures for any type of dementia. There are only ways to manage symptoms and slow down progression of the disease.

Dementia can be a difficult ailment to diagnose due to the number of conditions that can contribute to its development. When you work with a neuropsychological consultant, you will get the help you need to slow down dementia and improve quality of life for longer.

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