Need-to-Knows for Starting a Married Couples Ministry

There has never been a time when a young married couples ministry was more important than today. Millions of young people are growing up in broken homes, where parents have either divorced, never married, or are just absent. It is not surprising then, that one in every two marriages is ending up in divorce.

Many married couples want to save their marriages but don’t know where to find help. Churches should be at the forefront of helping couples create and cultivate happy, loving marriages, but unfortunately a lot of churches are lacking in this area.

So where should churches start if they want to build a young married couples ministry?

1.    Set Up Marriage-oriented Groups/Classes

The goal of these classes should be to strengthen marriages by applying Biblical principles and helping both husbands and wives to understand their roles in marriage. At the end of each class, there should be practical steps that guide couples on how to cultivate a meaningful and loving relationship according to the Word of God.

2.    Consider Hiring a Christian Counselor

The truth is pastors are busy people. They too have their own families to look after, on top of all the ministry work they have to do. They may not have time to sit down and counsel each and every couple needing help. By hiring a Christian counselor, couples not only get an experienced professional’s help but mentorship and support as well. This counselor becomes part and parcel of the church’s young married couples ministry.

3.    Plan Marriage Seminars and Retreats

Research shows that couples that make time to get away from it all to reconnect with each other tend to be stronger than couples that don’t. It’s important for both husband and wife’s mental well-being and the health of their relationship to take time away from the kids and just spend it with each other. They will be better for it. Try and encourage couples to attend at least one couple’s retreat each year.

4.    Make Resources Available for Couples Needing Help

A website listing useful resources could also be made that helps couples from a distance. Resources you can list include books, CDs, and marriage teachings.

Establishing a young married couples ministry is no easy feat, but it will certainly help hundreds, if not thousands of families in your community.

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