5 Tips for Keeping Your Home or Office Safe

by | Mar 11, 2016 | Security Systems

Safety should always be a priority. Whether you want to protect your home or commercial property, here are a few tips you’ll find useful in keeping criminal elements away from your office or home.

5 Tips

1. Install spy listening devices. If you think one or two of your employees are skimming funds, investing in some spy listening devices is one way to get the evidence you need to confirm your suppositions. You might not be able to put them in jail for very long but you can take steps to ensure they won’t work for you any longer.

2. Get alarms. Burglar alarms for your home and office are enough to deter thieves from cleaning house. It also has the added benefit of generating enough noise to catch the attention of a witness or two. If this happens at home, then you might be lucky enough for the alarm to wake up a few of your neighbors who might come to your rescue.

3. Don’t show any new valuable purchases, warns Bankrate. If you throw away boxes of your new laptop, TV, gadget or anything other expensive item in your home or office, then you’re basically letting burglars know what gadgets or pieces of electronics they could steal from you. Consider recycling the boxes instead. If that’s not possible, then trash the boxes before you toss them out.

4. Don’t advertise your security system, says Lifehacker. Some homes or offices have “Protected by ADT” seals on their doors and that’s not a wise idea. Any information you give criminal elements about that is information they can use to compromise your security system in the worst possible way. They can even research on that particular security system and practice until they master the system enough to allow them to enter your home with zero problems. Go for generic stickers instead. By keeping this detail private, burglars wouldn’t have time to prepare for your system, much less practice breaking through it.

5. Strengthen your entry points. Get rid of flimsy, rickety old doors. Go for strong wood or steel doors for your replacement doors. If your doors are tough to break through, this can send potential thieves away before they even attempt to finagle the lock.

In Conclusion

So take steps to protect your safety at home or at the office. You can eliminate a lot of the worry and danger to your security simply by being prepared.

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