Home Support in Cairns: the Benefits of Personalised Service

by | Mar 10, 2016 | Business

Organisations like CPL believe that self-sufficient living is of primarily importance when living with a disability. Being offered a skill set helping you to function independently, being able to take care of your home and lifestyle, is central to self-fulfilment and happiness.

That is why CPL offers Cairns a renowned Home Support service. Intended to act as support, respite, and a learning tool, their care givers are able to provide a friendly and efficient system of home support, one which allows you to best adjust and adapt to living on your own terms.

They can help you learn how best to cook your dinner, clean your home, do your laundry, or pay your bills. They can assist you on days or evenings you’d like to head out to an event. They provide personalised service, meant to fit your lifestyle, and set up to best meet your needs.

For those families raising a child with a disability, support organisations like CPL offer parental respite. If you are in need of some private time, they can assist you with the services of a registered caregiver, to look after your child for a few hours, and offer you a break from parenting duty. Their caregivers can help with your child’s homework, their recreational activities, or personal care.

They can offer Cairns a new view on home care support. If you are in need of services like these, a place like CPL is ready to help you out.

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