Tips to Pick the Right Janitorial Services in Scottsdale AZ

Choosing the right janitorial service provider in Scottsdale AZ can become challenging when decision makers are tasked to compare many various service costs and yet stay within their budget. Manymake it more complicated and time consuming than it needs to be by not asking the essential questions of the service provider. So here are are few tips to make sure the janitorial service provider choose will do the job that fits your budget and cleaning needs.

Make a List of your Important Janitorial Tasks and Areas to be Serviced
Prepare a list pf tasks and areas to be serviced before meeting with prospective janitor service providers and have a budget number ready.   If a clear list of essential tasks and areas to be serviced are listed out, you will save time and confusion when it comes time to met with prospective service providers.  The providers can then evaluate these areas to be serviced and the frequency each task needed during an onsite survey.

Find References
For local janitorial services in Scottsdale AZ, seek references from people you know or other businesses in the area that use the service . Try to choose first hand references only. If these are not available you may also search local janitorial services in Scottsdale AZ on the internet as a way to find prospective service providers who work in the area.

Ask Necessary Questions
After an onsite meeting is scheduled with the janitorial service provider ask the following questions during the meeting:

*What type of professional training do the crew members receive?
*Does the provider run a background check on the crew members?
*Will the crew members have identifiable uniforms and/or badges?
*What customer service program is included with the service?
*How do the provider check the quality of the work?
*What happens if I have a complaint with the service?
*Who supervises the crew while they are on job?
*Who will be my main contact with the provider?
*What if a customer is not satisfied with the services?
*What refund policies do you have?
*What type of insurance do you carry and what are the coverage limits?
*Who is your insurance carrier?

Make a List of Potential Service Providers
After meeting with the prospective service providers, compare the costs with your budget. Once you have a short list,  ask them to provide you at least two references.

Select a Service Provider
It is not always best to use the cheapest provider if the job needs to be done correctly. Even if a company slightly exceeds your budget if they have better references, more experience, or a more knowledgable staff, they may be the best pick

Other Considerations
*Be sure  the janitorial service provider provides you with a detailed description of the scope of services to be completed with their proposal.  This may also include information on their quality control program, methods of communication, , billing policies and other terms of services.

*Ask your provider to provide a “communication log book” for minor communication with the janitorial crew supervisor.  This will help to provide better communication for minor details that need to be taken care of (such as paper supply needs or other alerts).  Remember to keep the communication log book in a safe place where it is accessible for the crew and where it will not be lost.  Your janitorial service company provides  essential cleaning services that can positively effect the overall health of your facility which will  provide a healthier climate for all occupants at your facility. With the help of the aforementioned tips, you will be able to choose the best janitorial services in Scottsdale AZ in order to get the best value for your dollars.

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