You Can Experience a Beautiful Smile Through Invisalign in Pampa TX

by | Mar 3, 2015 | Dentist

Dealing with crooked teeth can be difficult in many different ways. Not only does this issue make it difficult to feel confident in your smile, it can also cause damage. Misaligned teeth can lead to undue pressure in certain areas of your smile. This can lead to uneven wearing and painful irritation. Fortunately, there are different orthodontic treatments that can take care of alignment issues. One of the latest treatments is Invisalign in Pampa TX.

Invisalign is a clear braces system that allows you to have your alignment issues treated without the need for metal braces. When the clear plastic aligner is in place, it becomes virtually undetectable. This means no one will be able to tell your teeth are being treated.
Invisalign begins producing results in just a few months after beginning treatment. Some people are able to get their final results in as little as a year. This solely depends on the severity of the alignment issues and the age of the patient being treated.

To treat your teeth with Invisalign in Pampa TX, the dentist will send impressions to the Invisalign lab, where your treatment will be mapped out and your aligners will be created. Aligner trays are worn for a period of two weeks and then are discarded. Each new aligner brings you one step closer to your desired outcome.

Many people prefer this treatment option because it interferes less with their life. There are no limitations on the foods you eat or the activities you participate in. You can take your aligners out when you eat or when you brush your teeth.

This treatment is often considered more comfortable than traditional metal braces because there are no tightening of wires or metal appliances to cause irritation. Though not for everyone, Invisalign has helped millions to overcome their alignment issues and achieve a beautiful smile.

If you are tired of dealing with alignment issues and being embarrassed about your smile, contact Panhandle Dental Pampa TX and get information on Invisalign. Through a consultation appointment, you can learn if you are a good candidate. Through Invisalign, you can finally have the smile of your dreams. Click here for more information.

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