Wintertime Limitations For Homes With Heat Pumps

Heat pumps can help customers save on monthly utilities, but there are certain LIMITATIONS FOR HOMES WITH HEAT PUMPS. These pumps are somewhat ineffective in climates where the outdoor temperature regularly falls below freezing. This limitation occurs because it is extremely difficult (and energy-consuming) to move heat from a cold area to a hot one. In these areas, customers may need more energy to run a heat pump correctly, which can be costly.

Heat Pumps vs. Furnaces

The heat put out by a heat pump is not as intense as that produced by an oil or gas furnace. Those used to a conventional furnace can be dissatisfied with the level of heat emitted by a heat pump, but others prefer them for their even distribution of heat. Heat pumps cycle on and off less frequently than furnaces do, and many systems no longer need to reverse air flow to defrost coils.

Before you decide to have a heat pump installed, you should consider whether you’ll need a backup heating source when the pump cannot work at its full potential. Many pumps have an auxiliary electric power connection, but others are supplemented by oil or gas furnaces. Heating systems vary by region, and the type that’s popular in your area is likely to be the most energy-efficient choice. Your utility company or HVAC repair technician can give you more information and tell you whether you need a heat pump or a conventional heater.


A ground source heat pump is a more effective dehumidifier than an air conditioner, because ground source systems often have flatter, larger coils that efficiently dehumidify and condition air. An air source heat pump has a dehumidifying capability roughly equivalent to a similarly sized air conditioning system. If you need to moisten or dry the air in your home, consider the above information when shopping with

You may face some LIMITATIONS FOR HOMES WITH HEAT PUMPS, but there are times where a heat pump can be very useful. If you are considering installing a heat pump before cooler weather finally hits, call a local HVAC repair shop.

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