Window Tint vs. Window Coverings – Best Solution for Your Car

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Part of maintaining your vehicle is making sure that you take care of maintenance and tune-ups. However, another thing you may want to consider is protecting your windows. You have a choice between window coverings and window tinting, and each brings its own set of benefits. We’ll look at what is possible, and which is better for long-term use.

Blocking UV Rays
Both window coverings and window tint in Florida can provide a level of protection from UV rays. The problem with coverings is that they aren’t in place at all times. If you are looking to avoid the health issues associated with UV rays, the product you use to cover your windows should be there while you are driving the vehicle. Window tint is there to do. This is crucial for anyone who drives long periods of time.

Reducing Interior Fade
Each option can avoid the elusive fading to your interior. A window film prevents rays from reaching the interior, which can discolor your vinyl or leather, cracking wood, and fade upholstery. Window coverings can do the same thing, but it’s important to investigate what level of protection is offered. A perk of window tinting is that is also can block glare on the windshield, which makes it harder to drive safely.

Glass Protection
Another thing that might be important to many is protection from glass shards if you are in some sort of accident. This can only be provided by window tint from Florida. Some forms of window tint have a special effect where if you are in an accident, the glass will not fly into the cabin of the vehicle where it can cause injury. Instead, the glass sticks to the film and keeps you safer. In addition to that, many car thieves will pass up a tinted car as it’s more difficult to break through.

Privacy and Security
Both window coverings and tinting can provide a level of privacy when you are out of the car. However, only a window tint can cover all of your windows. This keeps any of your belongings out of the public eye, so individuals don’t know what is or aren’t within the vehicle.

Learn More About Window Options
At Advanced Window Tinting, we provide experienced, professional technicians who can apply various types of window tint to your vehicle windows. To learn more about our services or ask questions, you can reach us by phone at 904-262-9919.

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