Why is It Important to Contact Residential Electrical Services in Louisville KY?

by | Nov 25, 2015 | Electronics and Electrical

Whether a person is remodeling their home or experiencing an issue with their electrical system, it’s never advised for them to handle the electrical system on their own. There are many other projects around the home a homeowner can handle, but it’s advised they contact a professional for Residential Electrical Services Louisville KY for their safety and the safety of their home.

Below are two of the major concerns when a homeowner tries to do electrical work on their own home.

A Risk of Fire

Electrical work needs to be properly done and up to code to avoid a fire. Frayed wires, a missing grounded wire, and wires incorrectly installed can all cause a fire if they are not corrected immediately. The fire can start at any time, not necessarily right when the work is done, and can often start as a spark within the walls of the home, spreading quickly before it can be put out. This is very dangerous as a fire can start when the occupants are sleeping or when everyone’s away from the home, and it could lead to the complete destruction of the home.

A Risk of Electrocution

Electrocution is a risk anyone takes when they work with the electrical system. If the home is experiencing issues, it’s a good idea to shut off wherever the problem is at the home’s breaker and not do anything until an electrician arrives. If the wiring is not properly shut off for an issue or a remodel, the homeowner could be electrocuted. This can be just a minor burn, but it can also lead to the person’s death. Even the outlets in a home can have enough voltage to kill a person if they are not careful when they are working with electricity.

Anyone who needs help with their electrical system can contact an expert for Residential Electrical Services Louisville KY. They won’t have to worry about the risk of a fire if something is done incorrectly or the risk of electrocution while working or after the work is complete. To find out how an electrician can help with your next project, contact Bates Electric Inc today.

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