Why Invest in Single or Three Phase Buck Boost Transformers?

by | Jul 17, 2014 | Business & Society

Are you searching for a transformer that’s easy to maintain and provides small adjustments to line voltage? Buck boost transformers are excellent universal line voltage regulators, and can provide small yet substantial alterations to the amount of voltage your equipment and systems receive. Whether you need assistance with installing a transformer, or already have one set up and need repairs or maintenance services, trust a team of skilled electricians to aid you in increasing productivity, saving on energy costs, and preserving expensive machinery and equipment.

Purpose of Buck Boost Transformers

Buck boost transformers are single phase distribution transformers that generally serve two functions: isolating low voltage and decreasing or increasing voltage. Buck boost transformers don’t transform variable voltages, but are best in situations where voltage is either slightly too high or low for an operation, such as HVAC systems or lighting. However, when voltage needs to be decreased or increased, a buck boost transformer can lessen (buck) or heighten (boost) the voltage anywhere from about 5% to 27%. Generally, they’re simplistic to connect, and can be used as single or three phase buck boost transformers, depending on the application.

Suitable Applications

Because they’re ideal for adapting line voltages, Brucelectric Three Phase Buck Boost Transformers are perfect for a wide variety of operations. They’re useful in commercial and industrial work environments, and offer a number of essential benefits. Usually, single phase operations require the addition of one buck boost transformer, while two or three transformers are sufficient for three phase operations. Single or three phase buck boost transformers are optimal for air conditioning systems, heating systems, low-voltage and landscape lighting, induction motors, and general line voltage correction.

Associated Benefits

In addition to increased efficiency across the board, many types of buck boost transformer models afford users a lengthy list of beneficial features. With a buck boost transformer, you can expect easy indoor and outdoor usage, simplistic wiring and installation, lightweight design, primary and secondary voltages, sufficient insulation, and much more. When you need to increase line voltage to match proper voltage amounts for certain types of equipment, or slightly lessen voltage to avoid overloads and short circuits, buck boost transformers offer an ideal solution.

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