Why Get a Regular Drain Cleaning?

by | Apr 3, 2015 | Plumbing

Whether you are taking a shower or brushing your teeth, coming across a pesky drain clog can put a wrench in your morning routine. A slow-moving drain can end up causing you unnecessary frustration, waste your time and end up costing you more money to fix than anticipated in the long run. This is why getting your drains cleaned on a regular basis is so important.

Plumbing System Effectiveness
One benefit of a professional drain cleaning is that you can improve your home plumbing system’s effectiveness. Your house’s system for disposing of wastewater can end up accumulating a large amount of debris over time. This debris may include organic waste, soap scum, grease and hair. However, these accumulations can quickly be removed through a comprehensive drain cleaning. Bloomington, MN, companies can help you stay ahead of plumbing problems and increase your plumbing system’s overall effectiveness.

Protecting Your Pipes
Hiring a professional company to clean your drains also offers the benefit of ensuring that your drains are cleaned not only thoroughly but also without pipe damage. This is important because harsh drain-cleaning chemicals that you get from a hardware store can seriously damage your drainpipes over time, including causing corrosion and leaking. When a professional drain cleaning company performs the task, you can rest assured that your pipes will remain in the best shape possible long-term.

Other Benefits
Another advantage of getting your drains cleaned is that you can reduce odors in your home. Clogged or slow-moving drains often carry odors, and even perfectly working drains can generate bad smells if residue such as food particles or grease start to coat your pipes’ walls. Cleaning your drains regularly can help prevent these issues.

Getting rid of drain clogs in a way that minimizes damage to your property is yet another benefit of hiring a professional company. Trying to take apart your plumbing fixtures and pipes in order to reach a clog on your own can result in unnecessary delays and problems if you don’t know what you’re doing. However, professionals use special techniques and tools designed to solve these problems effectively.

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