When and Why Consider Water Heater Replacement in Edmonton AB

by | Aug 3, 2018 | Plumbing

Most homeowners rarely think about their water heaters until it doesn’t work correctly. Many times, issues are present without your knowledge because you aren’t likely to notice anything untoward until you have no hot water at all or when it leaks all over the basement. Water heater replacement in Edmonton AB could be the right choice for you, even if yours is working.

No Problems

As your water heater ages, it’s more likely to experience issues. You may find that you don’t have enough hot water to do laundry, bathe, and do dishes, even if you used to. Sometimes, you might not have any hot water at all, which means your system is broken and needs to be replaced.

If you notice your energy bill increasing or that you have to call the repairman more often, these are all signs that you need a new water heater. Instead of putting it off, you can get it done sooner so that you experience a problem-free solution. You never have to worry that your system is inefficient or that it is too unreliable because it’s brand-new.


Of course, an essential consideration is the maintenance of your system. To keep it running efficiently and without a problem, you need to get it serviced annually or as often as your manual recommends. The newness of the appliance soon wears off, and it is just an average water heater again. It makes sense to schedule maintenance as needed or purchase a maintenance plan from your HVAC company.

New Choices

You may not realize it, but water heaters have become a lot more advanced in the last few decades. You can find a variety of options and styles to suit almost any need, such as space-savers, on-demand hot water, and more. Visit Capital Plumbing & Heating for more information.

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