Why Do I Need a Boat Trailer Dolly?

by | Aug 14, 2015 | Automotive

While boats are made for the water, they aren’t exactly the easiest objects to move on land. This is why a boat trailer dolly is an essential tool for any boat owner to have on hand. A wide range of dollies is available to meet your needs when you’re not out on the water.

Boat Trailer Dolly
When you need a boat trailer dolly, look for one that is designed to move a boat of your size. Two well-built dollies can easily move a boat of about 7,000 pounds. Many standard models are available on the market, although you also have the option of ordering a custom dolly that will match your particular specifications. In fact, you can effortlessly custom-make a dolly to hold any size boat you have, and it can have the hull configuration of your choosing.

Dolly Features
Look for a dolly with strong steel tubing construction that will not bend or twist. The best dollies also have roller bearing phenolic casters that are long-lasting and rugged with grease fittings that move effortlessly on the pavement, cement or flooring. Also, look for a boat with carpeted pads made to protect your boat’s surface, thus extending its life. A solid painted finish will also ensure that you’ll be able to use your dolly for years. Screw pads furthermore allow for continuous adjustment. If you would benefit from connecting two dollies, be sure to choose a dolly company that offers a telescoping connecting bar designed to join dollies together.

Dolly Options
Multiple types of dollies exist, including Titan dollies, heavy-duty dollies, pontoon dollies, and power cat dollies. Titan dollies are designed to carry larger boat—those between 10,000 pounds and 25,000 pounds. Meanwhile, two heavy-duty dollies can accommodate boats of up to 7,200 pounds. Four or more pontoon dollies can be used per one pontoon, with each dolly being able to carry 2,700 pounds. Finally, four-plus power cat dollies can be used per one boat, with each dolly having the capacity to carry 3,600 pounds. A reputable company can help you choose the right dolly for your water vessel.

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