Problems Leading to You Getting Repair for Your Auto A/C in Montgomery, TX

by | May 28, 2015 | Automotive

As the summer weather approaches, and the long days are scorching hot, the worst thing that can happen to a driver is to have the air conditioning go out in the car. Yet, like clockwork, it never seems to fail. It is almost like a curse; the air conditioning goes out at the absolute worst time. An auto repair service that repairs Auto A/C Montgomery TX has seen various maladies with vehicles concerning air. Here are a few suggestions and tips that may help you maintain your air conditioning longer.

* One of the most frequent problems with car air conditioning is low refrigerant. This is usually due to a leak somewhere in the system. Because the air conditioning systems today are complicated technologies, it is best if handled by the professionals.

* Another problem usually seen is with the air compressor. Of course, the compressor may fail to kick in due to the low refrigerant. But, it could also be a failure in the compressor’s electrical components.

* The air conditioning clutch could be going bad when you hear it rattles, or if it begins to smoke. The clutch could be wearing out; there could be low voltage issues, or there could be an issue with the pressure switch.

* If your vents are blowing out hot air, this too could be a Freon outage or it could be a control unit issue.

* Another problem to consider is when your air conditioner is on, but no air is blowing through the vents. This issue is most often with the blower motor. Depending on whether or not you have one or more air conditioning sources in your vehicle, it could be a problem with the sending sensor.

Discount Brake & Auto Repair Montgomery TX has been offering automobile repair solutions for customers in the Montgomery, Texas area. They repair brakes, do tune-ups, belts and hoses, steering and suspension systems, oil and filter changes, and of course air conditioning. For close to thirty years, they have been working on the vehicles for individual customers and commercial customers.

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