When Choosing Bindery, Wisconsin Businesses Have Options

by | Sep 1, 2014 | Business & Society

So many businesses are now having their own materials (from instruction manuals to calendars) printed and bound, that it makes sense for companies to do their research about bindery. Wisconsin businesses have so many reasons to put out quality material, that it’s imperative these materials be bound by a company that offers many choices to fit these many needs.

Types of Services Offered
A bindery offers many services to their customers. Make sure in your process of finding the right company for you, you learn about all the different services they offer and how you might best use those services. You want each and every manual, catalog, sales piece or promotion piece to reflect your company’s high standards. Don’t let a poorly put together piece reflect poorly on you. Find a company that does that job well.

Bindery Services
You want a book or manual bound, but you want it to be easily shippable. You don’t want the binding to be crushed when your books are in transit. What kind of binding should you use? Plastic Spiral Binding is perfect for this type of project. It’s flexible, doesn’t crush and is lightweight and scratch resistant. Looking for the best type of wire binding? Wire-O is excellent. It’s known as double loop or twin loop binding because there are two rings for every hole punch. It’s durable and provides the lay-flat experience most want when using spiral binding.

Finishing Services
Next to the actually binding, this is an important thing to consider. Does your bindery company do things like drilling? This process converts sheets or books for loose leaf purposes, sales materials, instruction manuals or educational material. Folding machines, collating and gathering, shrink wrapping and trimming are all services a good binding company will provide.

Just like any other industry, the technology in binding changes and improves all the time. The Bielomatik is a fully automated binding line for plastic and spiral wire binding that has the capability of handling 24 and 30 books per minute, respectively. That’s an increased output of five times over other methods for plastic spiral. That makes binding with these methods affordable while giving versatile options, resilient bindings and a great selection of color options.

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