What We Look for When We Need Off Road Wheels

Call us biased, but we believe the best part about shopping at Audio City USA is shopping alongside other auto lovers. Our staff is made up of dedicated individuals who all love cars, trucks, and jeeps, and who know everything there is to know about them.

That doesn’t only include street cars though. We love off road cars too, and we have plenty of experts to help your choose the off road wheels that are right for your ride. Thinking about getting a new set of wheels for the next time you leave the asphalt and hit the mud? Then here’s a list of key factors that we keep in mind when we’re choosing our own cars’ off road accessories:

1. Off Road Wheels Need More Clearance

The number one factor when choosing how to outfit your off road rig is remembering that off road, the rules don’t apply. You can’t count on a nice, even surface, with no obstacles or bumps in your way.

That’s why you need a set of wheels that give your car or jeep plenty of clearance. If your wheels keep you too close to the ground, you are likely to find yourself bumping over rocks and other impediments. That won’t just slow you down, it might stop you altogether (if it does enough damage to your undercarriage).

2. Lightweight Cars Carry the Day

Heavier cars always have performance troubles, and that becomes especially true once you leave the street. So it makes sense to choose a set of off road wheels that help to minimize your vehicle’s weight.

Generally, we look for wheels that have minimal designs. The minimalistic construction means less metal, and that translates into much better performance for your ride.

The one exception? If your car is already super light. In that case, a little extra weight can boost your handling. Look for rims with more solid construction, made from a heavier metal, like chrome.

3. A Rugged Finish

Once you leave the street, it doesn’t matter how pretty your ride looks. Off road, you should plan on your car or jeep taking plenty of abuse. Mud sprays along the side, branches and stones scrape up the paint job, and roots and rocks will ding your undercarriage.

Don’t forget that your rims will take exactly the same beating on rugged terrain. Look for a set with a rugged, durable finish. Wheels with high sheen finishes are likely to look beat up in short order. But those with rougher, less polished looks will absorb the abuse and stay looking good, no matter how hard you push them. You may even think they look better with a little mud on them—we sure do!

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