What To Look For In A Top Electronic Components Distributor

by | Aug 21, 2015 | Electronics and Electrical

Finding an electronic component distributor to work with for all electro mechanical components as well as sub-assemblies is always going to add to the ease of doing business. In some cases, it may be essential to replace an existing distributor as they are not performing to the standards required, or they are not able to acquire and provide the parts and components needed.

When you have a company you can work with that is dependable, reliable, and is able to work with the delivery schedule and budget for a project it removes a lot of stress and worry. Determining just which electronic component distributor is the right match for your needs starts with making comparisons in several different areas.

Inventory and Ordering

When choosing an electronic component distributor, a key factor to consider is the inventory they carry in stock, not just the items they have listed online. Top companies will provide inventory information on their website, allowing buyers to see clearly the levels on hand and if an item or items may be out of stock.

For custom items, value-added sub-assemblies and out of stock orders, the electronic component distributor should be able to provide clear, concise information on delivery dates and necessary lead times.

Bulk Pricing Options

It goes without saying that ordering in bulk should provide pricing discounts for the buyer. The best online sites will provide information on the bulk pricing rates, allowing easy planning for pricing and budgeting.

Consider a distributor that is also willing to provide additional discounts for very large or repeating orders. This can significantly add to the overall project cost savings, especially on repeat or reoccurring orders.

Customer Support

Before placing any order with a new electronic component distributor, it is important to make a call and talk to the customer support department. This will help you to evaluate the professionalism and expertise of the people filling the order.

When you can communicate with the individual, when they can answer questions accurately, and when you are confident they know electronics, you have the start to a very positive partnership.

It is also critical to monitor the electronic component distributor as to their ability to deliver the parts you need when they are needed. Some companies have a reputation for timely delivery of all orders while others may not have the same positive recognition.

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