What Is Water Submetering?

by | Jul 27, 2015 | Business

Obviously, from a tenant’s perspective, water submetering is the best option. This way if a tenant in a community property uses water conservation, he or she will have a lower bill independent of what others are using. Also, for the landlord or manager, there is never complaints about how water is being used in one unit compared to the others.

While water submetering is often associated with manufactured home communities, it can also be used in condos, multifamily dwellings and apartments. This allows a main water meter, typically installed by the utility company, and then the submeters, usually installed by a water management service to provide the specific property and individual usage data.

The Advantages of a Water Management Service

In many areas the utility company will only provide a limited number of meters per property. In others the cost of having the utilities company provide the water submetering can be cost prohibitive.

Water management systems are companies specializing in the installation of meters, typically automatic read meters, which allow the property manager to have access to daily online reports of usage on the property.

Not only does water submetering assist in planning and monitoring, but it also allows the property manager or owner to detect a leak in the system. The automatic system on the meters will transmit information of continual water usage, triggering a leak indication on the meter. This allows the manager to have the water lines checked immediately, preventing damage and also preventing astronomical water bills for the tenants.

Additionally, some water management services can even do all the data management and billing services when it comes to the water submetering. They will generate the monthly bills, and they will also provide a secure web site to allow tenants to pay online.

When choosing a company for your water submetering, considering all the services they offer. Working with a company that specializes in community properties and has a proven track record in providing reliable workmanship and services is always the best option.

At ABT Water Management water submetering and utilities billing are two of our specializations.

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