All You Need to Know About Fire Sprinkler Inspection

by | Jul 28, 2015 | Business

I recently got a new fire sprinkler system installed at my home by one of the fire sprinkler installations in NJ. The service providers I choose were extremely helpful in keeping me informed and educated about the protection of the fire sprinklers for maximum benefits. I believe that many of you might not be aware of the importance of fire sprinkler inspection, which leaves you unprotected by the threats posed by fire. Therefore, I am going to discuss about the important aspects of fire sprinkler inspection that can help you minimize damage.

Do the Fire Sprinklers Meet NFPA Requirements?
When you hire a service for residential fire sprinkler installations in NJ, the first thing that you need to take into consideration is whether the fire sprinklers meet the NFPA requirements or not. According to these requirements, the underground and aboveground piping of the systems must be tested. However, the responsibility of product and system testing falls on the service providers. Therefore, do not let any service provider fool you by making sure that the systems comply with the fire safety rules.

Conduct Monthly Inspections
Unlike other systems of the home, a fire system requires intensive care, inspection, and protection. Having an out of order fire sprinkler at home means that you are open to threats caused by fire. Therefore, do not forget to ask the facility providers for your residential fire sprinkler installations in NJ to conduct routine monthly inspections for the fire sprinkler systems. It is best to ask the service provider for inspection because it costs lesser and they have a better idea of their products which makes it easy for them to repair any faults. The inspection team will check the following things:

* The fire sprinklers are properly sealed and intact.
* The fire sprinklers are open.
* The fire sprinklers are not leaking or damaged.
* The fire sprinklers are accessible.
* The gauges on wet pipes have normal water pressure.
* The gauges on dry pipes have proper air and water pressure.

Don’t Miss Quarterly Inspection
Fire sprinklers require year round inspection and maintenance. Therefore, you need to get them checked on a quarterly basis to look for major problems in its different systems. The following things need to be checked in quarterly inspections by your service provider:

* The inspector must check the automatic alarm devices to ensure that no damage is done to them.
* Check to see if the valve is damaged or leaking.
* The gaskets are in perfect shape.
* The inspectors should ensure that the automatic drain valves are performing well and are in their place.
* The plugs of the sprinkler are in place.

Apart from monthly and quarterly inspections, it is also extremely important to conduct annual inspections. Newark Professional Fire Protection Corp. offers fire sprinkler inspections, repairs, and maintenance to residents that want to keep their fire safety equipment up and running.

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