What Is An Oil Spill Kit And Its Uses/Benefits?

by | Apr 5, 2017 | Environmental Consultant

An oil spill kit is designed to provide everything required to clean up liquid spills. It can be used when full spillage occurs or when there is a small or large leak. They are developed as a prompt response so that clean-up can get underway, and other accidents or contamination is minimised.

Contents Included

In most cases, an oil spill kit will contain protective clothing or PPE (personal protective equipment), as well as the equipment required to clean up the spillage. Some kits, conversely, are geared towards smaller leaks.

Personal protective equipment included may vary depending on the kits you choose. However, they will likely include gloves for up to three people, Tyvek suits, boot covers, safety glasses, goggles, and duct tape.

Smaller kits will include an absorbent to soak up the spillage, as well as a container that can collect and store the used materials until they can be disposed of properly.

What’s Not Included

While it can be helpful, the oil spill kit isn’t likely to have dust pans, brooms, heavy-duty plastic bags and other things. These can, however, be useful to clean up the mess.

How To Choose

Consider your worst possible scenario, meaning all the liquid and oils you have on hand have spilled. Then, determine how many litres that would be and choose kits accordingly. Likewise, you may want to have smaller kits that equal the litre amount to keep at all points around the building. This can be an effective way of cleaning up smaller spills. You can them also use them all in the case of a major spillage. That way, each area has a containment system and clean-up protocol in place, ready to go. For more details, contact EcoSpill today!

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