The Many Advantages Of Silt Socks

Many work sites are required to protect the environment and do so by using absorbent materials that will soak up and spillage or leaks. Silt socks can be found using different materials, lengths, and weights to protect a variety of conditions and ensure that soil isn’t lost. When the soil is eroded from the site, extra water can come through, causing a variety of problems for construction and other purposes. They can be used for erosion control and a variety of construction tasks to prevent environmental damage.

Silt socks can be flat-packed, and come ready to fill with gravel or sand. You can choose which filling is best, depending on the location and desire of the sock. They have a sewn-in tie to seal it up, allowing you to set up quickly and remove it as necessary. These products can be applied around gutters and drains to prevent sediment from disappearing down your drain. They can also be used on dry land to prevent topsoil from being washed away during heavy Australian rains. Once their need is gone, they can be emptied quickly and easily, storing them away until their next use.

At EcoSpill, they have a variety of options to prevent the loss of sediment, including bags, curtains, fences, and the sock varieties. Instead of hoping that topsoil and other debris won’t wash off into the environment, you can prevent it, which can also protect you from hefty fines and the need to pay for clean-up costs for the environmental damage. Along with that, it can also protect your business from damages that can be caused by flooding and backups when the drains are full of sediment and debris. Silt socks come in a variety of sizes, and some can even be found in large quantities so that you’re always prepared.

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