What is a frame machine?

by | Feb 18, 2015 | Repair and Service

A frame machine, also known as a frame rack is a large piece of apparatus which is found in auto repair shops that focus on collision repair in Corvallis OR. These machines are used to straighten and realign vehicle frames that have been damaged, usually in a collision, but a frame can also be damaged by excessive rust.

As a rule these machines are available in sizes from 15 feet up to 24 feet although some frame machine manufactures do offer other sizes while still others will manufacture a specific machine to meet exacting specifications usually to meet with space limitations within the shop area.

Not only do frame machines come in different sizes, they are available in a number of different designs. As vehicles are manufactured with both uni-body frames and body-over frames, there is a need for frame machines to accommodate them both. A uni-body style frame is one where both the frame and the body are designed as one integral piece; a body-over frame is a separate vehicle component from the body.

Many shops that do collision repair in Corvallis OR opt for portable frame machines. These types of machines are plenty strong enough to pull a damaged frame back into shape but they are considerably less in both size and weight from fixed designs. These types of machines are ideal as they can be moved from one place to another in the shop; they can even be used outside of the garage if called for.

The majority of frame straightening devices are equipped with measuring tools and devices, those that aren’t can easily be fitted with measuring equipment as accessory items. Other than having sufficient power to pull a frame into position, it is important that the operators can measure several different points on the frame to ensure that it is perfectly straight, square and aligned. It is very important in collision repair in Corvallis OR that the frame is exactly to manufacturers specifications, otherwise the vehicle will not run straight and true. If the frame is not perfect there will be a noticeable difference in the way the vehicle handles as well as looks.

To allow the work to be done the entire machine must be equipped with chains, clamps, various pullers as well as clamping devices that hold the frame secure on the machine while the work is being done.

A frame straightening machine is a must if the Collision Repair Service in Corvallis OR is to be perfect when completed. Freebird Body & Paint have the finest in equipment needed for collision repair, including a modern body squaring and alignment system.

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