What If the Company I Temp With Wants To Hire Me Full Time?

by | Feb 9, 2018 | Employment Agency

Being a temp can be great. You get variety, you get to shift gears a lot, and you get to work with many different people in your chosen area of expertise. Yet, there is also a lot to be said for being a full-time employee. After all, there is the guarantee of employment and the many benefits that temporary staffing doesn’t offer. So, if the company you temp with wants to hire you, should you go for it?

The experts have a lot to say on the matter, but most say that you should re-evaluate the pros and cons of temporary staffing before jumping ship. There are not a lot of cons to temping as you are usually going to have plenty of work, and will be paired up with companies for which you have the right skills and level of enthusiasm. There is that risk of gaps in employment or working with a less than a favorable company, but most temps would say this is rare.

And as to long-term relationships, lots of companies prefer the ease of keeping temps rather than onboarding and risking the loss of income this requires. However, there is also the wage factor, and it may not be what you think.

For instance, one expert writing for Fortune Magazine had this to say: “Generally speaking, contract employees are paid a premium rate… four to five times the hourly rate that regular employees’ salaries would work out to.” And in addition to a higher wage, that expert also said that converting from temporary staffing to full-time employee meant the company would have to compensate your agency with a conversion fee that might cost you through a lower wage or salary. In other words, you absorb some of the costs of bringing you onboard.

Remember too that many of the most modern temporary staffing services are well aware of the pros and cons of working as a temp and take measures to offset the negatives. For example, some pay their workforce on a weekly basis, offer them access to benefits and may even have transportation arrangements. They also may provide the workforce with a set of standards that all must comply with, further reducing the risks that a temp worker finds themselves working much harder than someone else, and for the same compensation.

If you find yourself eager to do some temping work in the Jacksonville area, and you like the pros itemized here, get in touch with Stafforcejax.com, which is a modern temping service offering an array of benefits most think of as available only to full-time employees.

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