Personalized Memorial Stones Providing a Special Tribute

by | Feb 12, 2018 | Business

When a loved one passes away, it is understandable that you and the other family and friends close to that person want to do something that will help to memorialize them. One of the best ways to do this is through personalized memorial stones. These stones can do more than just provide a name and a date for the deceased. They can provide a special tribute, a testament to who that person was, what they did, and what they mean to those who are left behind. It can help their legacy to live on for a long time to come.

When you are choosing a personalized memorial stone, you will find that you have quite a few options available in terms of size and style. Some of the best options tend to be those that undergo laser etching. The laser technology is a faster solution than hand carving, and the results can be quite stunning, whether there are only words on the stone, or there is an image of some type. With quality laser etching for the personalized memorial stones, they can last for centuries and continue to look great.

If you are going to customize the stone, you will want to consider just what your loved one might have wanted, or some of the elements that best represent them. For example, if they had a favorite author, you might want to choose a quote from that author. Perhaps they have a quote of their own they are known for saying, and it might make a fitting addition to the stone. If they were religious, then perhaps a Bible verse would be appropriate. Maybe they had a favorite animal. With laser etching, it is possible to add images of animals, people, and more to the stone.

Those who were in the military may want to have something that symbolizes their service. For example, someone who was in the Navy might want to have an anchor on their stone. Someone who served as a medic might want to have a caduceus. There are endless possibilities. You just need to think about your loved one and the types of things that they might want to have as representation on their personalized memorial stone.

If you are interested in a personalized memorial stone, you can get in touch with the professionals from Etched Impressions to design the perfect memorial for your loved one.

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