What Every Public Adjuster Would Like You to Know

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Insurance Agency

If you’ve had damages associated with fire, flooding, or another disaster, you probably have hired or expect to hire a public adjuster in Savannah. If this is something you have little to no experience with, you may wonder how the process works. You may also be interested to know what facts public adjusters would want you to know. We’ve compiled a list, so you can find out right here and now.

Reasonable Expenses

When you have expenses that incur based on losing the use of your house, you’re covered under “loss of use” on our homeowner’s policy. This can include anything from temporary housing to rental cars, medication, or clothing. Make sure you keep all your receipts to prove these expenses.

Required Evacuation

In some cases, if an evacuation was mandatory, you may be qualified to get a cash advance from the settlement for your claim in order to get you back up and running. Make sure you use this for practical needs as it will be deducted from the final check you receive.

Know Your Responsibilities

There are a few responsibilities that you need to be aware of to get your insurer to pay your claim. You need to give written the notice of any losses within a certain amount of time, take steps required to avoid additional damage, provide support of the loss in the form of documentation and filming a claim in the time allowed.

Cause of Loss

If it turns out that the cause of your loss is unclear or there are suspicions or questions about what happened, do not allow the insurance company to decide this on their own. Instead, your public adjuster in Savannah can help you find experts and assist in documenting everything thoroughly.

Insist on a Fair Settlement

Often, the initial settlement offer will be lower than you would like. You do not have to agree to it. Getting what you are owed can take time and strong negotiation skills, but the insurer has a duty to pay for the losses that are covered under your policy. If you don’t agree with the estimate the insurer offers, you may invoke what is known as the “appraisal clause,” which allows you to get an independent appraisal done.

You Deserve What You Are Owed

If your insurance company covers a loss that you have experienced, you should insist upon having it handled. Don’t let anyone persuade you to take an offer that will not be helpful. You deserve to have your home repaired so you can get back to your everyday life. Follow these tips to ensure you get there.

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