Virtual Reality Headsets More Than Just Fun and Game

by | Mar 6, 2018 | Business

Virtual reality headsets are one of the hottest selling retail items of the new year, and for good reason. Consumers want to take advantage of all the fun VR games that have recently arrived on the market. But there’s much more to virtual reality (VR) than fun and games. In fact, most consumers have never even thought about three other ways that VR, and virtual reality headsets, have changed the entire technology landscape.

VR Conferencing
When video conferencing became commonplace just over two decades ago, the entire business community was transformed. No longer did executives and workers have to meet in person to have an effective exchange of ideas. The giant video screen was just one step closer to an actual, in-person meeting.

Nowadays, the new VR trend in all levels of business has the potential to be even more transformative. Equipped with virtual reality headsets, business owners and employees can take part in something very close to an actual meeting. Better than old-fashioned video conferencing by several orders of magnitude, VR conferencing could, some experts believe, replace the “business trip” of yesteryear.

High-Tech Training

VR has already ramped up the power of employee training programs. For example, jobs that carry a high level of danger, like mining and construction tasks, are 100 percent safe when VR headsets are used to train new workers. This use of VR has taken hold in architecture, engineering and construction but still has a long way to go. Within the next five years, VR training systems for new workers, especially on dangerous jobs, will become commonplace.

Super Convenience

Even when no danger is involved, and when there’s no training going on, virtual reality headsets allow for an incredible level of convenience. Construction designers can use VR to interact with co-workers across a continent as they plan a new building or handle a job-site problem that has arisen. Because VR lets anyone be “virtually” anywhere, the convenience factor is one of the biggest selling points of this new, far-reaching technology.

VR technology could be the biggest retail story of the decade.

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