What Are Cam And Groove Fittings?

Cam and groove couplings, also called camlock fittings, are a type of hose coupling. These are a highly popular fitting type because of their reliability and ease of use. No tools are required for the connect/ disconnect which means the connecting operation becomes that much more efficient and convenient. The cams at the end of the coupler levers will align with appropriate grooves on the adapters. For naming convenience, the adapter is often referred to as the male end and the coupler as female. Once opened, the levers are rotated into a locked position, which pulls the adapter into the coupler, ensuring that there is a tight seal. The arms will then lock so that they don’t accidentally disconnect.

With cam and groove fittings, the male adapter has a continuous groove around it, which means you don’t have to ensure perfect alignment to connect it. You won’t have to deal with cross-threading, either, which is a plus. As a result, coupling can be accomplished quickly, securely and error free. You won’t be able to over-torque or under-torque the fitting because the compression is limited by the size of the cams. If you work in an environment that sees a lot of dirt or debris, the camlock fitting is a good option as there are no threads that can become fouled.

At Pacific Fittings, they understand your need for efficiency and effectiveness. You probably work in an industry that requires fast and precise operation most of the time. You shouldn’t have to deal with the opposite when frequently coupling up hoses and pipes. You’ll find that their products are the best price for the quality, and you’ll find a variety of sizes and materials, such as stainless steel, aluminium and polypropylene. They also have other related products available, such as ball valves and homebrew fittings. Cam and groove fittings are the perfect hose and pipe fitting solution across industries.

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