We Provide Quality OEM Trash Truck Parts to Our Customers

by | Mar 11, 2015 | Automotive

Here at Rdk.com, we not only sell the finest trucks that money can buy in the waste collection and management business, we also offer original equipment manufacturer OEM truck trash parts when any repair work needs to be done. Because trash trucks start and stop constantly and utilize a variety of cables when operating loaders, they should be routinely inspected more often than regular automobiles.

What Are OEM Parts?

OEM trash truck parts are parts that originate from the original manufacturer of the garbage or loader truck. Therefore, if a repair needs to be made, buying OEM trash truck parts means that you are buying the correct hardware, accessory or component for your vehicle.

A Story We Would Like to Share

We at Rdk.com cannot place enough emphasis on obtaining the needed service on a routine basis. One report we heard, which came from the TV station HawaiiNewsNow in Honolulu, stated that a driver of a dump truck had to bail out of the vehicles when the garbage conveyor crashed and rolled off the side of an incline near Kapena Falls on Pali Highway.

Fortunately, the driver had minor injuries after the incident. Fire officials discovered that the truck’s brakes had failed and were the cause of the mishap. Officials added that the driver tried to set the parking brake at a lookout spot before the truck hit a rock wall and proceeded over a cliff. What’s more, the truck was only going about 10 mph at the time.

Playing it Safe

That kind of news report makes us feel good about what we are doing at Rdk.com, as we sell trash truck parts that can prevent those kinds of accidents. Plus, we offer premium parts and accessories. We don’t sell generic trash truck parts as we know how important it is to play it safe when it comes to preventative maintenance and repair.

Quality Trucks and Parts

In addition to providing quality trash truck parts, we also rent and sell a variety of garbage trucks and roll offs. You can depend on us here at Rdk.com to provide trucks in side loader, front loader and back loader designs. Because we have full-service offerings, we can provide both trash truck parts and trucks at competitive costs and rates. We also feature trusted brands in parts and trucks, some of which include Freightliner, Mack Trucks and CCC.

Sturdy, Yet Depreciable

While most of the body parts on a garbage truck or loader are made of a steel construction, the trucks, because of their continual use, are subject to more routine maintenance checks and scheduled repairs. Obtaining the right parts, or knowing when to trade a truck in, can assist you in making the right buying decision if you need to make a future repair.

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