Understanding the basic facts about sheet metal fabrication

by | Aug 9, 2016 | Metal Industry

Prior to ordering sheet metal fabrication, Orange County CA businesses should understand some basic facts. By becoming aware of the truth about sheet metal and how it can be used, you can have a better concept of what options are available to you.

What do sheet metal fabrication Orange County, CA welders offer?

Sheet metal fabrication describes the process of forming and shaping metal into a variety of different forms for use in multiple applications. The various ways in which sheet metal can be used are virtually endless as the material is fully adaptable to a variety of different shapes.

What are the methods for fabricating metal?

Just as there are endless forms the metal can take there are also a variety of methods which can be utilized for sheet metal fabrication Orange County CA companies need.

Metal Shaping – Metal shaping allows the metal to be changed in four ways which include cutting, bending, shrinking, and stretching the metal. There are some common tools and techniques for changing the form of metal which are listed below.

Bending Metal – When it comes to sheet metal fabrication, Orange County, CA metal workers can bend the metal in order to reshape it. They do this by form bending or by using a metal brake.

Cutting Metal – Cutting the metal is yet another way to change its form. There are several techniques and tools that metal fabricators use in order to cut through metal. The tools used for metal cutting include power shears, hand shears, throatless shears, plasma cutter, angle grinder, and more.

Stretching Metal – Stretching metal can be accomplished by using a stretcher, hammer and dolly, or english wheel.

Shrinking Metal – Shrinking the metal can be accomplished using a shrinker, tucking metal, or through heat shrinking.

This basic guide to sheet metal fabrication Orange County, CA metal workers offer should prove helpful. Visit here for more information.

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