Plan a Fun Day Out with River Float Tubes

Summertime is intense, and one of the most fun ways to cool off is to hit the river and go tubing. The whole point of tubing is to relax, and it is a slow-paced activity for friends to enjoy together. Don’t forget to pack a cooler for the trip, which can be placed in a separate tube and wedged in well. Ideally, the cooler should be put in a ¾ inflated tube and then inflated fully to grip the cooler.

If there are rapids or tube chutes, the cooler will need to be well secured to avoid dumping over and spilling out its contents. It is a good idea to carry a bungee cord to bungee the top closed. Should someone fall out of the tube or dump the cooler over, there will usually be someone nearby to lend a hand.

Getting on the Water

Accessing the water with river float tubes can be a little tricky, but in some states, there are legal access points where bridges cross the river. Once everyone finally gets to the water, it is probably going to be cold, so it is worth working quickly.

Moving Around

River float tubes either get around by floating passively, or by the users turning their backs towards the target and paddling backwards. Paddling back seems to be far easier than paddling forwards.

Things to Do in the River

Sit back and relax. Some people like to take a mask and snorkel along to head to the bottom of the river to look for treasures. Others prefer just to enjoy the flora and wildlife. Tubing is a sociable activity, and people usually end up talking to one another and making new friends. Often, big groups get separated, whether by choice or by accident, and there will be people floating solo. Invite them to tube with you!

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