Typical Uses for Industrial Water Pumps

There are many reasons to consider using industrial water pumps and they have many different uses, as well. These uses can include raw water supply, cooling water recirculation, brine or desalination, open pit dewatering and more. It can be helpful to understand a little about each use and why industrial pumps are the best options.

Raw Water

Raw water is any water in its natural or man-made basin. This can include lakes, rivers, aquifers and more. In such cases, the water needs to be moved, whether below or above ground, from the lake or river through aqueducts, pipes or tunnels to the water purification facility.

Many states have one or more water purification facilities to get fresh, clean drinking water from rivers, oceans, seas and lakes so that those living in those areas have fresh water. Industrial pumps are the perfect way to get the water from its source into the facility to be purified and deemed drinkable.

Cooling Water

Cooling towers will also use industrial water pumps to supply cooling water to the condensers of the machine. Many times, areas do not have enough water to run continuously through the machine, effectively cooling it down and keeping it running. Therefore, industrial pumps are used to pump the water to and into the machine and then more pipes are used to carry that water back around and get it cool again. It is a great way to reduce the amount of fuel used in the machine.

Desalination or Brine

Many cities and countries use the desalination process to remove salt from water, making it drinkable and able to be used in irrigation. Many ships and submarines use a desalination process and countries that have little fresh water that are surrounded by ocean will use the same process. The water is pumped from the ocean into the industrial pumps and then into the area for the desalination process. Once the process is complete, more pumps carry the now-clean water to areas for storage or bottling.

Open Pit Dewatering

Open pits will usually get filled up with water, especially after heavy rains. In order to people to be allowed to go down those pits and work, especially in mines, dewatering must occur. Many times, industrial water pumps are used for the dewatering process, which will suck in the water and remove it from the open pit.

Industrial water pumps have plenty of uses in the industrial and commercial world. Have yours manufactured by Morrison Pump Company, which is one of the best pump manufacturers around.

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