The top 3 Reasons to Use Central Vacuum Systems

by | Oct 26, 2015 | Electronics and Electrical

Cleaning a residential or commercial space can be back breaking work. One of the most taxing housekeeping duties is cleaning floors. While a traditional vacuum can be much quicker than a broom and dustpan, the weight of the vacuum can cause back issues and be hard on joints and muscles. One way to make quick work of cleaning is to use a central vacuum system. While Central Vacuum Systems have been around for years, recent advancements in technology have made them more efficient and reliable. While there are a number of benefits to using a central vacuum, the following represent the top reasons individuals make the investment into quality central vacuum equipment.

Unparalleled Suction Power
While a standard household vacuum provides decent suction, central units use a motor that is up to five times more powerful. This means increased suction power and cleaner floors. Most household vacuums lose suction as they become dirty, but a central unit can be cleaned easily, which makes maintaining proper suction easy.

Easy to Use Attachments
Most Central Vacuum Systems come with a wide array of tools, including hoses, hard floor attachments and a beater bar for carpeted floors. They are all easy to use, and can be changed while the system is in use to make quick work of any size job. Using a central vacuum doesn’t mean sacrificing convenience, as most users find they are more efficient to operate than traditional vacuum cleaners.

Reduced Allergens
The motor unit of a central system is usually stored in a garage or basement. Any allergens and dust that are removed stay out of the space and are not released back into the air as with traditional canister and upright units. This can make a home or office healthier for allergy sufferers, and reduce the amount of odors that are present in a space after cleaning.

Anyone looking to simplify cleaning duties should consider purchasing a central vacuum system. The easy living experts at A Tech provide design and installation services for a wide array of central vacuum systems. Contact them today or visit to learn more and get a free, no obligation quote. It is the first step to simplifying the most dreaded of cleaning tasks.

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