The Samsung Mobile Market in India

by | Jul 21, 2014 | Business & Society

The communication market is one which never stays still for long, with new mobiles being released every year. The choice is at an all-time high, bringing with it an all new level of competition. Mobile phone manufactures are working at full steam to lead the market and take back ground from the surge of Apple products back in the early 00s.

Samsung mobile phones in India have perhaps reached that point. With the release of the Galaxy 5S they cemented themselves in place as India’s leading phone manufacturer. With the 5S offering a great handset with tons of apps and features that will help in peoples everyday lives. Simply putting it, Samsung is immensely proud of their new release and will find little in real competition in the Indian and SE Asian market. Though there are other brands out there, Samsung is the dominating one.

Could There Be Stiff Competition?

Now even though Samsung is confident with its place in the Indian and SE Asian market, as any industry expect will tell you, nothing stays the same in this market. The customer is only loyal to the better quality/branded product. Xiaomi, a big mobile manufacturer from China is attempt to penetrate the market with its Xiaomi Mi 3, which has a 2.3GHz quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM, with 16GB of memory, enough for most avid phone users. Although the Mi 3 does not take a mircoSD card, it’s not as bad as it could be considering its built in memory. While having the same resolution, RAM and storage, as the Galaxy S5, the processor in the Mi 3 is the Exynos octa-core, running at 1.9GHz, far bigger than the S5. The Mi 3 also has a larger battery. Although actual tests by normal people have yet been undertaken, we can only guess how the battery really translates into real life usage.

Even though the actual specs of the Mi 3 hold up in comparison it didn’t hold up against the S5 for sale in India. Xiaomi is largely unknown as a brand in India and the Mi 3 had little in actual online advertising. While the Mi 3 is a fraction of the cost of the S5, It didn’t make a difference. While brands such a Motorola have relative success due to online advertising, Samsung mobile phones in India dominate the real world market and there is little room for an unprepared manufacturer to burst onto the scene.

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