The Problem of Hard Water and What You Can Do About It

by | Oct 25, 2017 | Drinking Water Systems

Hard water is a problem for many American households. Containing a high mineral content, hard water can cause a number of problems, from stomach upset and other health issues to skin concerns, problems in keeping surfaces clean and more. Buildup of the chemical substances that exist in hard water can occur in pipes and fittings of home plumbing systems and cause erosion, failure and breakage.

How to Tell if You Have Hard Water

There are numerous ways to test for hard water in the home, some designed by crafty DIY lovers and other available through industry professionals. However, there are also easy-to-spot signs of hard water in the home that may tell you it’s time to invest in a water softening system. These include:

  • Dry, itchy skin or breakouts by users of water
  • Mineral buildup around water fixtures
  • Soap scum buildup in bathtubs, showers and sinks
  • Dull, scratchy clothing after being washed
  • Spots on dishes and silverware after washing
  • Frequent failure of water heater elements

When you see these signs, you can be sure that you have a hard water issue in your home. Once you’re aware of the problem, it’s time to find a solution. One of the best is the in-home water softening system.

How to Soften Your Water

There are numerous models of water filtration and softening system available. Retailers of these systems and accessories offer a wide range of sizes, styles and designs to meet the needs of any size household. Water softener and filter cartridges do need to be replaced within their housing, but systems are typically otherwise low-maintenance and easy to use, keeping water in the home free of contaminants and soft enough for hair, skin, teeth and stomachs. Softer water will yield better results while cleaning, cooking and consuming, and give you more peace of mind about what your family is putting on their skin and into their bodies. Extend the life of your clothing, your household fixtures and more; consider testing your home for hard water today!

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